sunnuntai 22. toukokuuta 2011

Costa Rica Adventure for Miley Cyrus

With her short shorts and some leather, Miley Cyrus arrived in Costa Rica to perform the next leg of her Gypsy Heart Tour yesterday. The official poster released for the Costa Rica stop of the Gypsy Heart Tour set the tone for the image Miley wanted to present as she makes her way through Latin America.
With a less than full capacity, fans began chanting for Miley even before she came on stage. Amongst the smoke and lights, the screams grew louder when the young pop star made it on stage. During the concert, fans released white balloons, adding to the excitement of the concert.
The concert was upbeat and fun, with emotional sets such as “The Climb” as Miley interacted with the crowd. Her costumes showed a more sophisticated Miley with leather, sequins and high heels as she tries to shed that Hannah Montana image.
In addition to performing her hits, “Can’t be Tamed”, her encore performance included three songs, “See you Again, “Who Owns My Heart” and “My Heart Beats for Love”. Miley also added an emotional version of “Stay” to her songlist for this portiion of the tour and debuted it’s version in Costa Rica. The song speaks of a separation of a couple and there love for each other and the loss that is felt by the singer not being able to be together. The video clip shows an emotional Miley singing the added song to her Costa Rican fans during her May 21st concert in San Jose.
Miley will take some time off between her concert in Costa Rica and her next appearance in Panama on May 24th. Her father Billy Ray Cyrus and younger sister surprised her by arriving in Costa Rica prior to her concert. With a few days to relax, there will be some Costa Rica adventure planned for the family to enjoy! Anteeksi, en kerkeä suomentaa. Joten voit suomentaa sen Googlen kääntäjässä. 

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